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eTutoring: Towards a successful business strategy

According to some industry estimates, tutoring is a $5 billion dollar market. The US government has budgeted up to a thousand dollars per public school student to provide her extra academic support. How much these figures are off the mark is open to debate. But everyone is certain about a few things. • That we need quality academic help for our children. • That this quality help is not really as easily available in spite of all the money flowing in the market. • That the problem is magnified in remote areas. We need to find some more efficient and acceptable solution to this alarming situation. In spite of all the media interest and a growing community of etutoring service providers, this form is yet to achieve a “critical mass.” By some estimates, etutoring forms perhaps five percent of the total tutoring market! A study of mainstream tutoring businesses reveals an interesting spectrum. At one end, tutoring is a highly personalized service delivered in person in the home. At t