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Simplifying ELearning...

I am often amused by educators who wish to "upgrade" themselves by venturing into elearning and using tools that will take their offerings to the next level. With all their good intentions, they start thinking about various ways of achieving this: 1. Teaching Aids: Right from a projector to a sophisticated writing board that prints, saves and replays what the teacher wrote on it. 2. Animations and Interactive Tools: Intended to deliver better understanding of a concept by doing something that can't be otherwise easily achieved in a verbal and on-the-board version. 3. Recording and Replaying Content: To achieve scale and ensure consistency of quality across time and place. 4. Online synchronous training: The ultimate goal of delivering training to multiple locations with the closest to real-life classroom experience. There are virtually thousands of products available in each of the above categories, ranging in price, quality and complexity. And the last variable worries t