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Is your child a genius, or just plain lucky?

A case for Education Vouchers... I come across many parents who boast about their "child prodigy", mainly due to the 95%+ marks she gets in the school exams. I know they should be happy just as I am when my daughter's teacher tells me proudly that she is one of the best in her class. And then, on my way back home, I look at some of the children on the roadside languishing in the dirt. I do wonder about the undiscovered potential of these kids, and whether my daughter is truly the genius she is made out to be, or is she or thousands like her, just plain lucky to have born into a better-off family! That is nothing to take away from her efforts and accomplishments. I know she has been working hard... While doing some tutoring assignments for some of the US kids, I was fortunate to have read about the NCLB related efforts by successive US governments. My understanding of this effort in some points: 1. Hold the school, and in general, the teaching community responsible f