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My Dream Gadget for the Classroom

After a series of new gadget announcements by various manufacturers, I was inclined to dream of a gadget made for the teacher. I suppose most of the technologies involved are already available, but they haven't been thought of as meant for a teacher. Probably, the marketing world has not realized the potential of this vast untapped user community. So, here goes my idea of the gadget, and I thought of naming it as The ClassPad. ClassPad is roughly the size of an A5 size paper, that is, about 8 x 6 inches and about a cm thick, though thinner and lighter, the better. Lets put in the usual stuff like Wi-fi, 3G, Bluetooth, two cameras, LAN, USB etc. A good audio output is critical, though I suppose we could use one of the fancy bluetooth speakers for higher volume. Now, for the most important feature- a projector to enable a 5 feet wide projection on a wall. Some of the mobile phones come with such a projector, and it should be fairly easy to integrate into ClassPad too. For ease of u