20-Questions Exercise


20 Questions

Important instructions:

  1. Take this test very seriously. It will tell us if you can make it to Australia.
  2. Time is strictly 3 minutes.
  3. Number of questions: 20
  4. Don’t write or do anything unless you have read all questions.
  5. No other paper sheet can be used.

Your test begins now…

Q1: Write your first name here. ______________________________
Q2: What is your date of birth? ______________________
Q3: Raise both your hands and say loudly, “Hello everyone”.
Q4: Tap your neighbour on the shoulder and say “Good morning” to him/her. (If you are sitting alone, just say “Good morning” loudly.
Q5: Draw a circle around your name in Q1.
Q6: Get up from your seat and clap your hands three times.
Q7: Sit down and solve 2+9 =_________________.
Q8: What is the capital of Australia? _________________________.
Q9: Who is the current Prime Minister of Australia? ______________________________.
Q10: Say your name loudly.
Q11: What course are you doing at AUPP? _____________________________________.
Q12: Count from 1 to 10 loudly.
Q13: Make a rectangle around the answer to Q7.
Q14: Underline your answer to Q9.
Q15: Say your answer to Q 11 loudly.
Q16: Write your city name in CAPITAL LETTERS here. ___________________________.
Q17: Make an oval around your answer to the last question.
Q18: Now cut the oval above in 4 parts.
Q19: Stand up on your seat and shoutI am finished”.
Q20: Now that you have read all the questions, write your full name in the blank line at the top right corner of this page and STOP.

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